The Certified developers at HJ Design use an E-commerce engine that can be integrated and customized into your site. We tailor the front end to match the look of the rest of your site. The back end is the interface you'll use to manage your store, including adding new products, managing inventory, tracking sales and making other changes. HJ Design offers flexible e-commerce reporting options so you can see how sales are doing, as well as tracking inventory.


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Hosting solutions

Our affordable web hosting is ideal for businesses of all sizes. We also offer discounted bundle hosting packages with all the products you need to build, optimize and promote your web site.


HJ Design is certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and employs proven strategies to gain high rankings in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask Jeeves and many more.

Website Programming

Our initial phase is a multi-layer process designed to analyze site functionality, structure, content, and other potential elements. During this phase, a customized strategic plan is developed to obtain and exceed your goals.

Most Bang for the Buck

HJ Design utilizes standard and custom built database to give you the most versatile options to achieve your business goals:


  • Option picker will to help customers through their e-commerce choices
  • Each Item in your shopping cart can be listed individually or in a suggested packaged group
  • There is no maximum number of SKU’s you can carry
  • Sorting of products into multiple categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited number of images displayed per item
  • No limits for accompanying descriptions
  • The Ecommerce website content will be programmed for easy updatable text or images
  • In your shopping cart you can easily mark items as out-of-stock or backordered
  • You can remove items without deleting pictures from the database
  • Tracking inventory
  • You can have the capabilities to click to larger images
  • Detailed E-commerce reporting information will help you improve your business.
  • Cross browser compatibility with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • User-friendly E-commerce websites, so that the customer can reach their desired product category with ease.
  • Offsite stores will help cross-sell your products
  • Set up and test the entire process from ordering to the financial funnels
  • Utilize existing ecommerce internet payment methods

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