Reporting & Tracking

HJ Design implements the most advanced reporting and custom tracking methods available. This procedure allows telephone inquiries, lead forms and orders placed, to be tracked from various traffic sources. This enables you to monitor the total impact of your marketing campaigns, empowering you to justify your budget and increase conversion.

HJ Design's Reporting is thorough and easy to ready so you can make business decisions based on customer behavior, buying patterns, and marketing performance.

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Hosting solutions

Our affordable web hosting is ideal for most personal and small business sites. We also offer business hosting packages that offer discounted bundles with all the products you need to build, optimize and promote your web site.


HJ Design is certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and employs proven strategies to gain high rankings in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask Jeeves and many more.

Website Programming

Our initial phase is a multi-layer process designed to analyze site functionality, structure, content, and other potential elements. During this phase, a customized strategic plan is developed to obtain your goals.

You Can Not Improve What You Do Not Measure

With our proprietary website analysis, tracking and reporting process, you get a better understanding of what your customers want and what they are interacting with on your site.

HJ Design highly recommends website tracking and reporting as a cost effective website analysis tool for understanding customer behavior and website performance. We have the ability to generate reports on demand or we can generate monthly, bi-monthly, annual reports, and any other timeframe you require. You can also have us interpret reports and provide you with recommendations to improve website performance.

Reports from HJ Design include: To name just a few

  • Visits – How many visitors viewed your website in a given period
  • Page Views – How many pages your visitors viewed in a given period
  • Visit Duration – How long visitors stated on your website.  (shows how sticky your website is)
  • Path-Thru-Site-  The exact path a visitor/s took thru your website
  • Referring Site – Shows which resources send you the most and the best qualified traffic
  • Bounce Rate – Shows a ratio of how many low quality clicks vs. high quality clicks
  • Geo Location – Cities your visitors viewed your website from
  • Site Overlay - Technique in which graphical statistics are shown besides each link on the web page
  • Keywords – What keywords visitors used to find your website
  • New vs. Repeat visits – How many new visitors compared to those that have returned a second or more times
  • Goal Completions – How many visitors completed your desired action such as requesting a free estimate or appointment, or purchased an item, or any goal you set for your website

There is over a hundred different analytical elements we could talk about, but to best suit your company needs please call us to discuss your needs.  

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