HJ Design has put together sponsorship opportunities together for clients that range from local celebrity endorsement to negotiating with professional organizations like the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Missouri Mavericks. These sponsorship opportunities allowed clients to receive maximum exposure to attract new customers, or to reinforce top of mind recognition with existing clients. HJ Design is accustomed to contract negotiation as well as arranging the financial obligations associated with these contracts.


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Market Development

We are dedicated to identifying and developing new growth opportunities and bringing them to reality by successfully positioning and marketing any product or service

Market Research

HJ Design has the ability to research and discover what people want, need, or believe or even how they act.

Market Analysis

The goal of a market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of a market and to understand its evolving opportunities.

Sponsorship Works

Need proof?  Just look at what Michael Jordan did for Nike.  Now, not every client is Nike, and there’s only one Michael Jordan.  But sometimes, having an effective, noteworthy endorsement can give your brand the boost it needs to compete.


HJ Design has developed several celebrity endorsements for our clients.  We have the negotiating expertise and contractual experience to effectively create endorsement plans.  Find out how sponsorships can give your company a boost. READY TO GET STARTED? Call 1-816-415-3777 or CLICK HERE