Open House

Some companies plan annual open house events to thank their loyal clients/customers while others limit their entertaining to special anniversaries or promotions. Press parties, product introductions or sales efforts can also be presented more effectively because of the cordiality the open house format provides. One might think that it's an easy task to throw together" one of these free-flowing parties, but most planners of these popular events will tell you that it's a challenge to have a successful, well-attended function--especially if its purpose is to aid business. That’s where HJ Design excels. With our planning and strategic expertise, we can make any company event highly successful.


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Marketing Tradeshows

HJ Design creates trade show displays that will engage people and get them interested in your products and services.

Corporate Events

HJ Design can help you with your corporate event planning. We can suggest decorations, gifts and favors. In other words, we can help make you look good.

Grand Openings

HJ Design can plan your event and achieve the most successful day possible by keeping an organized detail of all of your goals.

Open Your Doors to Customers

It\'s all about attracting new customers. Hosting a business open house can be a rewarding way to get to know your customers as well as to attract more potential customers into your establishment. When preparing for your business\' open house, give yourself enough time to adequately plan for the event, order giveaways, develop eye-catching advertising and make sure everything is in its place so the event will go off without a hitch.


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