Package Design

HJ Design believes that package design has the primary goal to attract a customer’s attention.  For this purpose, package designs cannot simply inform the customers, but must also provoke feelings and communicate emotions. Effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity, and contains clear and concise information, while persuading a consumer to purchase the product inside. Industrial, graphic, and typographic designs are all put to the test to create an impression so meaningful that it converts currency into consumerism.


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Direct mail

HJ Design specializes in mailing lists and direct mail advertising campaigns that combine the latest digital technologies, such as personal URLs, e-mail marketing and mobile text messaging.

Graphic Design

With professionally designed marketing materials, you will be ensured that wherever your business is presented, the message you want portrayed is communicated properly.


We will make sure your next print communication is attention grabbing and action inspiring, from the simplest business form to the most complex marketing campaigns.

Products that Stand Out

You want your products to stand out from the crowd, and make a statement about who you are. The designers at HJ Design have the experience to create unique, custom packages for your products that will showcase and highlight their qualities. We can handle the project from concept to complete manufactured and printed packaging for you.


Our production staff has years of experience creating award-winning package designs and handling production and printing for a true, one-stop approach to package design. Quality control is easily maintained as well as deadline management.

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